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Our Quality Process

Date is a delicate fruit subjected to climate vagaries. It production requires a real know-how and a unique land. Thanks to the company AMADHAGH, we get a privileged implantation in the heart of the production area of Biskra which counts 2,6 million dates palms, giving the authentic DegletNour.

From the palm grove to the commercialization, SouaSoua wants to preserve the nutritional and sensory quality of its dates.
This quality starts from the palm grove, where we select the best quality of DegletNour and continues throughout the packaging process and the commercialization. Indeed, our products are stored in cold rooms and consistently transported under controlled temperature in order to make sure that the quality is optimal.
Our control of the sector enables a constant monitoring throughout the production process and a rigorous traceability system, which guarantee to our customers, dates of high quality, meeting the international requirements of food safety..


For SouaSoua, quality is a daily and an ongoing commitment. To guarantee a level of food safety, SouaSoua goes beyond the regulatory requirements. Indeed, the company AMADHAGH got the organic certification in August 2014 and the Global Gap certification in May 2015 making Amadhagh the first Algerian company to get this certification. Soua Soua is also certified organic and is currently in the process of getting the IFS Broker certification.

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