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Our Core Business

Since 2004, SouaSoua, is specialized in an exceptional product true to it legendary reputation: the date Deglet Nour from Algeria.
Soua Soua has been selecting, importing and distributing a date known around the world for it delicate fineness, it flavor and softness.

To achieve such result, we need a land. Its is at the heart of Tolga, famous region in Algeria for the quality of its dates that a strict selection and a demanding farm practice are combined to make this fruit, pearl of the desert.

Soua Soua, is working closely with it sister company AMADHAGH, located in Tolga and which core activity is the packaging and the export of dates.

Our added value

The reputation of Soua Soua is the result of a rigorous work throughout the production and distribution chains, which guarantee an exceptional quality of its products. This know-how is now recognized by its customers: wholesalers, retailers, and supermarkets in France.
Working with Soua Soua is the guarantee of a unique and high quality product, naturally sweetened and available all year round.

Our strength is based on:
  • Our perfect control of the sector based on a guaranteed traceability and strict specifications in compliance with the International regulation.
  • Our ability to provide standard products but also custom products that meet the customer’s needs.
  • Our reactivity and closeness with our customers thanks to storage facilities in Marseille and Rungis.

Our team and values

Our customers choose above all a team and abilities, which are enhanced from the first contact. We are a family business consisting in men and women involved and driven by passion, convinced that the human relationship is the key to success.
We share and try to convey those values everyday. Those values are not just written, but are really lived on the ground and theloyalty of our customers is our best reward.